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 SvR Live Chat Recap

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PostSubject: SvR Live Chat Recap   Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:27 pm

SvR 2010 Live Chat
Q1- Is there gonna be a demo?
A1- NO!!!!!!!

Q2- In what ways have the royal rumble match and TLC been improved?
A1- Not able to answer. officaly announcing in the next 2 weeks what match types are

Q3- Is it true that fans will be able to create their own storylines with WWE Superstars, then share them online?
NOTE- Some guy commented,
Stop having him tell us things we already know, Corey. >Neutral , I lol'd
A3- Obvious Answer

Q4- Will DLC be avaible? and what will be include?
A4- All he said was something about Stone Cold

Q5- Will WWE Superstars(arena) be in?
A5- No WWE Superstars:(

Q6- Once you make the story in story mode, can you watch it or do you have to play it
A6- You get to choose.

Q7- Is there a limit on how many superstars are in a scene?
A7- Each scene has its own set number.

Q8- Are there unlockables?
A8- Yes there are unlockables that you dont know about yet.

Q9- Are there smaples storys?
A9- There are 2.A 3rd can be unlocked.

Q10- Will backstage areas be connected like previous years
A10- NO:(

Q11- Can Superstar Threads be seen online?

Q12- How many new front grapples are there?
A12- 30% more than last year

Q13-IS there a Divas based match?

Q14- Can you assign attributes on CAWs?
A14- No. U can build them up in RTWM.

Q15- Is there a crotch blur still?
A15- Yes its still there:(

Q16- Who are the commentators for each show.
A16- ECW- Todd and Matt. RAW- Cole and King. Smackdown- JR/Tazz

Q17- Are there new backstage areas?
A17- YES

Q18- Has online lag been reduced?

Q19- Are there better reversals?
A19- All reversarls are RT.
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Posts : 142
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PostSubject: Re: SvR Live Chat Recap   Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:27 pm

I didnt get to see the whole thing though, but this is the mostly good stuff Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: SvR Live Chat Recap   Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:36 pm

Here is a more full copy:


7:31 Corey Clayton: I'm your Community Leader Corey Clayton, coming at you from WWE.com HQ in Stamford, CT ... and I have Jonathan Durr from THQ online from THQ HQ, here to answer your questions about this year's SmackDown vs Raw 2010.

7:31 [Comment From WonderWoman]
its so awesome that you guys are doing a chat with the fans!

7:31 SvR10Jon: Hey everyone! How's it going?

7:31 Corey Clayton: Jonathan, thank you so much for coming online today to chat with the fans!

7:31 Corey Clayton: First, here's the ground rules for the Live Chat, if you've never been here before....

7:32 SvR10Jon: It's my pleasure Corey. I'm stoked I get to do this.

7:32 Corey Clayton: Submit your questions via the chat box below, and we will pose as many as possible to Jon. There are more than 2,000 in the chat room tonight, so please be patient. We will try to group many similar questions together if we can.

7:33 [Comment From Justin]
Thanks Jon for coming! I have a lot of questions about SVR 2010!

7:33 [Comment From Pahzyseh]
i just want to thank THQ for brining SvR 2010 on wii up to PS and XBOX standards

7:33 Corey Clayton: OK Jon, let's kick it off!

7:33 Corey Clayton: First question...

7:33 SvR10Jon: Let's do it.

7:33 [Comment From Larry]
Is there going to be a downloadable demo of Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for the PS3 or 360 this year?

7:33 Corey Clayton: Lots of "when's the demo coming?" questions....

7:34 SvR10Jon: Wow, right off the bat with the big questions! Unfortunately, there will not be any demos this year.

7:35 Corey Clayton: Wow ... anticipation will be high for the Oct. 20 release date!

7:35 [Comment From bencedars]

7:35 [Comment From John Morrison FAN]

7:35 SvR10Jon: Wish I had a better answer on that one, but that's the case. The good news is the game is coming out in less than a month here:)

7:35 Corey Clayton: Of course, the roster for the game has already been revealed on SmackDownvsRaw.com and on WWE.com.

7:36 Corey Clayton: Next question....

7:36 [Comment From Nathan]
How exactly have the royal rumble and tlc mactches been improved?

7:37 Corey Clayton: BTW, please do not re-send your question over and over ... we are holding onto them. Thanks!

7:37 SvR10Jon: We've done a lot of exciting things to polish our match types this year. We've also added some new match types that the fans will dig. Right now, I can't say more than that, but we will be officially announcing what those changes are within the next 2 weeks.

7:38 Corey Clayton: haha ... well, there goes a lot of my next questions Smiling

7:38 SvR10Jon: And I'm out...Smiling

7:39 Corey Clayton: Let's talk about the one really big new feature, the Create A Story Mode. Is it true that fans will be able to create their own storylines with WWE Superstars, then share them online?

7:40 [Comment From SmarkHenry]
Stop having him tell us things we already know, Corey. >Neutral

7:40 [Comment From major johnson]
can you explain create a storyline, is it the same on all consoles?

7:41 SvR10Jon:
Absolutely! I've been a wrestling and wrestling game fan for years. And as a fan this is a feature that I've always wanted. I know the community is going to really love what they can do in this mode.

7:41 Corey Clayton: What consoles are the new Create A Story available on?

7:41 SvR10Jon: Story Designer is in every game accept for DS.

7:42 [Comment From Tom Thatcher]
downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again?? downloadable contents again??

7:42 Corey Clayton: Many fans, like Tom, are asking about DLC this year ... any plans for future packs of Superstars? New game modes?

7:42 SvR10Jon: On PS2,Wii and PSP you have fewer moments, I think there's 55 on those. 360 and PS3 have 500 moments you can use!

7:43 SvR10Jon: Users that pre-order at Gamestop will be able to download Stone Cold Steve Austin! At this point that's all that we have announced on the DLC front.

7:44 [Comment From EX-Rey]
Will the show," WWE Superstars" be in the game?

7:44 [Comment From Einar]
but what do you mean exactly with ā€˛moments"

7:44 [Comment From rocetman]

7:44 [Comment From Rated DX]

7:44 Corey Clayton: I think "moments" in the Create A Story mode needs more explaination. Moments = story points, correct?

7:45 SvR10Jon: Unfortunately we don't have WWE Superstars... not enough time:( But we do have 16 other arenas.

7:45 [Comment From Andy]
Once you make the story in story mode. Can you watch it. Or do you have to play it?

7:46 SvR10Jon: Moments are either Cut Scenes or Matches in Story Designer.

7:46 [Comment From L3G3NDK1LL3R]
Have you guys ever thought about Create-An-Arena? or Create-A-Match? Theres something that would be good for us fans Laughing out loud

7:47 SvR10Jon:
As for watching or creating your shows, you get to choose! You are able to create a single player storyline or you can set the matches to be AI controlled.

7:47 [Comment From ICWJon]
Is there a limit on how many superstars can be in one scene of the Create a Story Mode?

7:47 SvR10Jon: I'd love to have Create-An-Arena and Create-A-Match. Hopefully one day we'll get them in there.

7:48 SvR10Jon: Each scene in story designer is self contained animation. Some have 1 superstar, others have up to 5.

7:48 [Comment From Chris]
You don't have to give us details, But are there unlockables int he game we don't know about yet?

7:50 SvR10Jon: Additionally there are over 100 scenes, and they are very customizable. Change out the superstars...locations...emotion on their face... sound... camera angels and text

7:50 [Comment From Ricardo]
Will there be storylines on SvR2010 already on the game that we can just play instead of creating our own?

7:50 Corey Clayton: Road to WrestleMania returns this year, correct? With a Divas road?

7:50 SvR10Jon:
You can also reduce how many superstars are in a scene by leaving that "cast" slot empty.

7:51 SvR10Jon: There are unlockables in the game that you don't know about yet.

7:51 [Comment From Amin Okar]
Will Custom Music And Full Entrances Be Allowed Online Or Is It A Copyright Issue?

7:51 [Comment From Crelly]
Like im past games, will you be able to import music for CAW entrance music?

7:52 SvR10Jon:
We have 2 "sample" stories that come with the game. A third one can be unlocked.

7:53 [Comment From B-RaD]
Will we ever be able to, in future games, get ALTERNATE costumes/outfits for Shawn Michales, or The Undertaker?

7:53 SvR10Jon: Entrances are allowed online. But you will not be able to used custom music... like you said, there's copyright issues there.

7:53 SvR10Jon: You can use custom music offline though.

7:54 [Comment From Guiguioh]
How much can we customize Current WWE superstars? Only colors on their outfits, or is there a little more freedom?

7:56 SvR10Jon: I sure hope we'll be able to get those alternate attires in. I'd love to see all of Undertaker's old looks. But this year you are able to edit the look of all our Superstars, with the Superstar Threads feature. This allows you to change the color of their outfits. For example, we have the blue logo for Cena in the game. But you can change that to green really easily and make him look more up-to-date.

7:56 [Comment From Panicshade]
Will the backstage areas finally be connected to the ringside area like in previous Smackdown games from years past?

7:56 SvR10Jon:
And like always you can update their movesets, customize their entrances and add create a finishers, like the new diving create a finisher.

7:57 SvR10Jon: Also the superstar threads that you create can be seen in online matches.

7:57 SvR10Jon: Nope, still not connected.

7:58 Corey Clayton: I know Create-A-Finisher is expanded a little this year, to give more freedom to gamers. Can you give us more details on what users can do move-wise?

7:58 Corey Clayton: Then we have some more questions on that feature specifically....

8:00 SvR10Jon: Well, last year we had front grapples. This year we added 30% more animations to that. And then we also added diving finishers too. The diving finishers are a blast to create. You can make totally unrealistic moves that just look sick, or do something that looks straight out of what you'd see on Monday Nigh RAW.

8:01 [Comment From Nick Bastounis]
can you give divas created finishers?

8:01 SvR10Jon: And like Story Designer you can post and share those created moves online.

8:01 [Comment From Fraser]
Is there a way to have some Create a Finisher moves that involve behind moves? Holds like Skull Crushing Finale or Dream Street?

8:02 SvR10Jon: Yes, you can give divas created finishers. Also Divas can now participate in every match type (except first blood).

8:02 [Comment From I$@@c]
can you make submissions or just finishers

8:03 SvR10Jon: Just finishers this year.

8:03 [Comment From Nick]
Can you tell us maybe SOME of the match types in the game?

8:04 [Comment From ICWJon]
Is there a Diva-centric match this year? I've been missing them lately.

8:04 [Comment From Ashton Deroy]
Can diva's fight for male titles?

8:05 SvR10Jon: Sorry for the delay there Fraser, had to double check the "behind moves". The focus is really on front grapples. That said, you can branch the moves to go behind, like getting in a reverse DDT clutch.

8:05 SvR10Jon: Sorry, guys. Can't announce anything relating specifically to match types...but

8:06 SvR10Jon: I will say we do have something there for the divas:)

8:06 Corey Clayton: More than 4,000 of you in the Live Chat now ... please keep sending in questions for Jon at THQ ... we are grouping as many popularly-asked topics as possible!

8:07 [Comment From Craig]
Can you assign attributes to your created guy or is it the same system as last year?

8:07 [Comment From Link]
Why the sudden change with the layer bit? I mean doesn't the new points system for CAS limit CAS a bit?

8:10 Corey Clayton: Many are asking if the new WWE pay-per-view events like Bragging Rights, Hell in a Cell and Breaking Point are in the game. Those are probably too new to make the cut for this year.

What is the cut-off point for the yearly version of the WWE game? Late spring?

8:10 SvR10Jon:
The attributes have been updated from last year. You still gain experience from matches, but depending on what you do during the match will allow you to add those earned attributes to specific categories... for example if you use a lot of strikes you will be able to increase your Striking stat. Also, you will beable to develop your CAS from career, exhibition and also Road to WrestleMania!


8:13 SvR10Jon:
Yeah, those events should be awesome, and I would expect them all next year. Spring is a fair guess for cut-off points.

8:13 Corey Clayton: I have to laugh ... this is one of the most submitted questions tonight ... Will there be "crotch blur" and "breast blur" in Create-A-Superstar? (I can't believe I just typed that.....)

8:13 [Comment From Panicshade]
Is the crotch blur still there in Create A Wrestler?

8:14 [Comment From Jess]

8:14 [Comment From RKOTITAN]

8:15 [Comment From Ju$+i^]
lol that a good question

8:15 [Comment From Ppl Person]

8:15 SvR10Jon: With CAS we added 3D parts this year and ripped out all of the painted on parts (like the tie). The points system is there to support that change. And because of it you can create cooler looking characters than ever before.

8:16 [Comment From rob]
the crotch blur would affect logos, its not that bad of a question

8:16 SvR10Jon:
Yeah, we can't get rid of the crotch blur.

8:16 Corey Clayton: Thought so

8:17 [Comment From Zack]
thank u thq 4 this!!!

8:17 [Comment From cliff]
are there intergender matches in exhibition? If not then why? It's been a standard feature in every game.

8:17 SvR10Jon:
We'd all love to see that restriction go too, but it's just the way the world is.

8:18 [Comment From Tank_Costello]

8:18 Corey Clayton: Anything for Tank, Jon?

8:18 SvR10Jon: Depends? What do you know?

8:19 Corey Clayton: This is the first year for new commentator Matt Striker in-game, correct?

8:19 [Comment From RKOTITAN]
Im so hungry for info.... Please feed me Jon!!! LOL jk

8:19 [Comment From Allan Diaz]
tell us something that hasn't been announced publicly

8:19 [Comment From Chris]
Is there anything you can tell us that hasn't been announced yet?

8:20 [Comment From The Real Hitman]
who are the commentators for each brand

8:20 SvR10Jon: Yeah, Matt is in the game and he's teaming up with Todd Grisham. They did a fantasitic job! You have to love Striker!

8:21 [Comment From Chri$$$$]

8:21 [Comment From PHALE1080]

8:21 SvR10Jon: The commentators for each brand are: Cole/King, JR/Tazz, and Grisham/Striker. The reason this is a bit dated is in order to get all the commentary and Road to WrestleMania VO in the game. We have to start early or we'd never make it in time.

8:22 SvR10Jon: Yes, we have added a few more backstage areas.

8:22 [Comment From Devin]
has online lag been reduce for the ps3?

8:22 [Comment From Chris]
are there going to b better reversal techniques

8:23 [Comment From Ariane]
I feel like were being punished with no updates or countdowns this year, I hope the game will live up to the hype, Well it does every year for me anyway....

8:24 SvR10Jon: Yep, the lag has been improved.

8:24 [Comment From Jon-Eric Colon]
Smackdown: Just Bring It had 8 wrestlers in ring plus a ref, why has the limit been stuck at 6 since? Especially since that was an early ps2 game, and we've gone a whole console generation since?

8:25 Corey Clayton: Just a reminder: You can pre-order SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 at WWEShop.com, with special packages available = http://www.wweshop.com/Category/Videogames

8:26 SvR10Jon:
Chris, what do you mean by techniques? We have moved everything the RT instead of both triggers. This also means that you have to have better timing to hit the reversal. It's a very nice balance and we think you'll dig it.

8:26 Corey Clayton: I think he means better animation options

8:26 Corey Clayton: A wider variety of reversals

8:26 SvR10Jon: We also added more options once you block a kick. You can do strikes or grapples from there.

8:27 Corey Clayton: BTW, those of you staying for the Raw Live Chat tonight, it will be starting in about 4 minutes with Hall of Famer Howard Finkel running the show. You can see it now on the right in the Upcoming Events list.

8:28 SvR10Jon: You can also get that punch/block trading sequence that you see on WWE more frequently... in a good way.

8:29 Corey Clayton: Jon, has the new Havok engine for the game fixed any major glitches of the past, like collision and so on?

8:32 SvR10Jon:
Havok is new this year. We're excited about some of the polish it's brought to the game. You'll see less clipping and some really natural looking animation interactions... for example when one superstar walks past another they will hook arms...when you walk near the ropes your arm will dangle over it... those types of polish things are what you can expect too see and they make the action look more like the real thing.

8:33 Corey Clayton: We're out of time tonight Jon, thank you so very much for stopping by and answering as many questions as you were able to.


Join The Revolution Of Evolution.
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PostSubject: Re: SvR Live Chat Recap   Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:50 pm

Thanks guys, great job getting that info.

You both earned yourselves 20 superstar points!
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PostSubject: Re: SvR Live Chat Recap   

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SvR Live Chat Recap
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